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Sajek Valley

Sajek valley is the Queen of Nature of the Rangamati District, located in the north of Chittagong Hill Tracts Division. It is known for its natural environment, surrounded mountains, dark forest. Many small rivers flow through the mountains of Sajak Valley, Kachalong and the Machalong are notable. In rainy season, Sajak Valley cover with the green nature, on that time tourist can touch the cloud from the top of the mountain. This is for Sajek Valley is an emerging tourist spot in Bangladesh.

The name of Sajek Valley came from the Sajek River that generates from Karnafuli river. The Sajek river works as a border between Bangladesh and India. It is situated 67 kilometers north-east from Khagrachhari town and 95 kilometers north from Rangamati city. The border of Bangladesh and Mizoram of India is 8 kilometers east from Sajek. The valley is situated 1,476 feet above from sea level.

The native people of Sajek valley are cultural minorities. Among them Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankua, Kaibarta, Lushai, other indigenous Assamese communities, and Sagma are mentionable. Women seem to be more involved in economic activities here. They are not fluent in Bengali but the young population speak some English.